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Arese (Milan) is the Home of Alfa Romeo and of the relative museum, a must see, go to Louvre (Paris) or Uffizi (Florence) for paintings, come to Alfa museum for Cars. :smile2:
I’m following the site since the beginning, I love Alfa Romeo, has been part of my life: father, sister and brother in law worked there.
Just to give an idea of my cars:
Alfausd, Lancia Prisma, Alfa 164, Lancia Thema, Alfa 164 (Another), Alfa 166, Lancia Kappa, Alfa 166 (Another) Alfa GT, Alfa Brera, Alfa Giulietta QV, Maserati Ghibli
Now I have the Ghibli only because the Giulia was not available yet :frown2:, but it’s the next one when the current leasing will be over.
Wife’s car: Alfa 145, Alfa 159 plus several Fiat
Let me give my two cents on reliability, I see so many discussion about it, in Milan I have 15 dealers in 10 miles, Service centers 3 times more, I can walk to the nearest it's only 500 meters, so reliability is also a matter of how close the service is… therefore more Alfa will be sold in US more service you will get.
Italians are leaders in pleasure of life: Food, Art, Beauty, Fashion, Creativity, and … The most beautiful and performing cars
Germans are leader in efficiency, organization, reliability, etc..
When you choose a car it depends on who you are and what you want. Quirks? Who care! Usually I list all of them and at the first regular service (each 20.000 Kilometers) they fix it.
In 42 years, only one time (power steering on 164, TRW component by the way) I had to call the tow truck.
How many artist do you know from Switzerland and Germany ? Are these country famous for creativity and beauty ? Beauty and creativity are incompatible with extreme efficiency, precision and organization, the mindset it’s different.
Let me explain: if Monica Bellucci (Famous Italian actress) will say me: we can stay together but 5 days a year you need to bring me to hospital, is it Ok? Subscribed!0:)
Who buy an Alfa Romeo likes beauty, performance, innovation and….driving… see the other cars in the mirror :smile2:, in one word: Emotions.
The Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio is a piece of art, and I’ll see it in the Alfa museum in the future.

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AR Museum & Giulia
As you know the first day of a new Alfa Romeo era is strictly connected with the launch of Giulia QV
The first link is the official presentation of the Giulia held at museum.. The second is the best snapshot I found of the museum tour for who will not be able to visit it. The 3rd is the Museum link.
What is impressive visiting the museum is the “Wall of races victories” huge!!!
If you have the chance to spend some time in Europe come to visit Italy, In Arese where the renovated museum is located you can find also the historic Alfa Romeo track and you can use it!
The most common cities visited in Italy are Rome, Venice and Florence, of course but Milan it’s not so bad… :)
Some pictures


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