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Hello everyone I am Scott. I'm still a young guy mid 30s. As soon as I saw the Super Bowl commercial I fell in love with the Giulia. Found out the one on the commercial was the QV which is way out of my price range for about 20+ years lol. But the Base model I can probably do but will try and shoot for the Ti model. However, I will be just lurking the forums gathering all sorts of information over the next couple of years. Gotta pay off my Dodge and return a Civic lease so I can afford the Alfa. However, I do plan on making the Alfa my only car and will be my first Italian Car and first Sporty Car I have ever owned. So everything I do will be the first for me. I'm pretty sure most the people here are experts in the Sporty Cars but since this will be my first want to make sure I am will be more than thrilled to have this car.

Since this purchase will not happen for a few years at least by then all the little bugs should be out of the Alfa system. At least that is what I am hoping for. I am thinking that when the time comes I will more than likely lease the car since that would probably be a cheaper way for me to get the car. I have limited resources so every little bit I don't have to spend on the car will help out. Plus, I like leasing cause then every 3 years I can get another car and not pay a ton as long as I don't go over the mileage. Or I can buy the other half of the car if I choose to.

Welcome :)

After a ten mile test drive, we special ordered a Ti with the Ti Performance Package. This includes an LSD.

My father is an old Alfa guy and I was an early adopter of the 4C. Speaking from experience, an Alfa without little bugs just isn't an Alfa. If you wait a few years, hopefully the bigger bugs will be worked out and the rest will be a Giulia with character.
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