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I'm looking forward to some good discussions about the new Giulia.

My dad's an old Alfa guy. He has a 63 Giulia Spider that he restored himself. I've got a lot of track mileage in his 74 GTV.

My first Alfa is the 4C. I bought a North American spec 2015 Launch Edition in November 2014. In the nine months we've owned her, we've put almost 14,000 miles on her. She's my DD, weekend fun toy and an interesting vacation car. I'm hoping to drive my Illusive 4C the rest of my life.

My wife likes my 4C so much she wants a Giulia for herself. If that happens, I'll insist on the QV.

We goto plenty of car related events which include track events. My race car is a 73 Datsun 240Z.

Yes, we have a life that includes interests other than cars. But, we get there in an Alfa. :grin2:
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