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The M is an at risk species, with everyone and their mum intent on topping the Bavarian power brokers someone might eventually do it...

So far this year we've had promises from both Lexus and Jaguar that BMW was on notice, add to that Cadillacs rhetoric over the last few years and you can see how this was becoming a bit boy crying wolf.

But then last week happened and suddenly there was a very real threat, and its heading to market.

I don't need to introduce you to the 503 hp Alfa Romeo Giulia QV do I?

503 hp Ferrari tuned all aluminium 3.0L TT V6 vs 425 3.0 TT inline 6

But the Alfa isn't just about engines, they put in the wrench time and it shows. Short overhangs betray its aggressive intentions, active aero lip spoiler, carbon fibre diffuser, 4 meaty tail pipes and the hood, roof and prop shaft have all been produced in carbon fibre. The seats have carbon fibre shells and proper bolstering, the start button is even on the steering wheel.

Even that doesn't tell the whole story. Alfa says the QV has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and that it will dwarf the competition in terms of torsional rigidity. The suspension is supposedly trick with what Alfa calls a "semi-virtual steering-axis" which is designed to keep a consistent caster trail through curves. Couple that with torque vectoring, carbon ceramic discs and Pirlli P-Zeros and you have quite the competent M hunting weapon.

Now the question is, will shoppers even care?
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