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Alfa 159 2.4 2010/Alfa Giulia 2.0 Ti Sport Q2 2018
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Anyone else experience this? At first I though it needed a scrubbing but it's actually faded.
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Prior any procedures clean and dry your car, after you’ll need a pretty powerful hair dryer (don’t tell your wife/girl🤣) or maybe some industrial one, start to dry the damaged zone gently beginning from the lower temperature. The plastic should to getting back his colour. Let him cool down and cover it by special formula’s liquid from Meguiats, Chemical guys etc, suggest to use it without silicon but it’s up to you, if you prefer glossy surfaces. Personally I using a Koch Plast Star Siliconfrei for all outside plastic and rubber details and seals. If you are living in a sunny region, repeat the sealing very one or two months
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