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Hello all.

Proud owner of a Guilia Special 2.0 Petrol in Monza Red. To date its the only one I have seen in on the roads in the UK and I have covered 3,000 miles in the car so far.

My story began with a trip to buy a Jaguar XE. A chance stop off at the local Alfa dealership, a test drive and a phone call to my wife that began "Errr, Darling, you know that Jaguar I was supposed to buy... Please don't get angry, but I bought an Alfa instead"...

(I see lots of you here are from the USA, so Maidenhead is a medium sized town 30 mins drive west of London, and just a few miles away from Windsor with its castle. We have some of the best driving roads in the south of the country here, green trees, twisting country lanes, rolling fields, loads of cyclists :( )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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