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DRIVING ON RACE TRACKSBefore driving on a track using a racing
style, it is necessary to:
Attend a race track driving course.
Check the liquid levels in the engine
compartment. For more information,
see the “Checking levels” paragraph in
the “Servicing and care” chapter of the
Owner Handbook.
Have the car inspected at a Dedicated
Alfa Romeo Dealership centre.
Remember that the car was not designed
to be driven exclusive on the race track
and that this use increases stress and
component wear.
Preheating the carbon ceramic material
brake discs
The brake discs must be warmed up to
make them fully efficient. You are advised
to perform the following procedure:
brake nine times from 80 mph
(130 km/h) to 18 mph (30 km/h)
with deceleration equal to 0.7g
(the longitudinal acceleration value
is shown on the instrument panel
display by setting RACE mode and
selecting the “Performance” page)
with 20 second intervals between
brake applications; keep the car at a
speed comprised between 36 mph
(60 km/h) and 60 mph (100 km/h) and
do not brake for 240 seconds to allow
the brakes to cool down;
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