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Hi All,

New owner of a Giulia Ti Q4 here with about 600 miles on it. I've been browsing these forums for a little while and after a month of ownership, I wanted to share my experience with the vehicle.

Before my decision, I spent a solid day test driving different cars: Jaguar XE 35t AWD, Mercedes C300, BMW 330i xDrive, BMW 340i xDrive, Alfa Giulia. In that order. I wasn't expecting much of the Giulia, but it ended up being a no-brainer for me. Odd considering I test drove a 340i - the steering feel just wasn't there. The Jag was my second choice - brilliant exhaust note and steering!


- Steering: The feel is second to none. Responsive, connected, tight. Everything the BMW was not, surprisingly.
- Handling: Eerie. Sticks to corners better than my brain will believe, resulting in giddy laughter at the exit.
- Torque: from a low-speed roll, this car flies. The turbo lag doesn't get in the way.
- Transmission: Of the many cars which have a sport mode that I've driven, the Giulia's "D" (Dynamic) is the only one so good that it's the only mode I drive in.
- Looks: Beautiful car. The Montecarlo blue with black/tan interior, optional leather package, and 18" sport package gives the exterior and interior of the car a slightly aggressive class. Love it.
- Safety: I have the static and dynamic safety packages. Didn't think I'd care much for them at first, but they've saved my ass on one occasion already, and the adaptive cruise control is amazing.
- Sound System: I have the premium, but not the Harmon Kardon sound system. I was a little worried at first given what I've read on these forums, but I love it. Sounds excellent.
- Infotainment: It doesn't suck, it's intuitive, and it's a big step up from the no-tainment system of my previous car. No complaints.
- Storage: with seats folded you can pack this car for a long haul trip. Even without the seats folded the trunk storage is decent.
- Paddle Shifters: huge, metal, responsive, fun.
- Sport Seats: Get them.
- Sunroof: There are two!


- Static crackling from the speakers when my iPhone is connected via USB. Doesn't happen with a USB drive, so it might be my iPhone. Regardless, this is the most annoying issue yet... because I love the sound otherwise.
- Throttle lag from a stop. From a dead stop, after applying full throttle, the car takes 1-2 seconds to launch. Doesn't ruin the experience, but annoying nonetheless. I recall reading on these forums that the ECU's behavior changes as the mileage increases - we'll see.
- Throttle stumble. At partial throttle at low RPMs, the car sometimes feels like it's going to stall. It hasn't yet, but the feeling doesn't inspire confidence.
- Exhaust note is meh. It has a nice slightly-raspy rumble if you listen carefully, but you have to really listen carefully.
- Ride is a bit rough. Granted, I refuse to drive it in anything but "D" mode without the active damper on, so that may be my own self-inflicted pain. I've read the run-flats may have something to do with this.
- Brake knocking. In one instance and at low speeds the brakes would make a feelable and audible knocking sound. Took it to the dealer and they were able to easily reproduce, but after they further "bedded" the brakes, the issue went away and has not returned.
- Slight squeak when turning the steering wheel. Doesn't happen all the time, but something to keep an eye on.
- Auto start/stop: you suck, and disabling you will forever be one extra step to my startup process.
- While the trunk space and folding seats are awesome, the interior compartment storage space is mediocre at best. Hint: there's a hidden storage compartment to the left of the steering wheel which is easy to miss.
- I can't stop washing, waxing, and driving the car, and my friends and family think I'm weird.

Overall, I love this car. The mostly minor issues are completely worth the driving experience and feeling that you are driving something truly unique in a sea of sameness. Observers have been either 1) awestruck by what I'm driving, or 2) have had no idea what I'm driving. Equally satisfying. The most bizarre experience yet is when a bus driver opened his door at a stop light to inquire with bewilderment: "They sell Alfa's here?! Where is there a dealer?"

Zero regrets... well, maybe one: it's not a QV.
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