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2018 Q4 with Fiamenghi Ti exhaust, Race Mod, and Tecnico wheels.
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There are lots of threads on individual mods. I have a Bianco Trofeo Q4 with sport everything and all options except HK and sunroof on order. ETA Dec 2017. Plans in order are:

Paint a black "swoosh" on the rockers to match the CF piece on QV (the side is too plain on a white on QV, IMO).
Remove GUILIA and Q4 badges (chrome on white is not a good look IMO). Black paint to match the badges.
Replace mirror covers with Mopar CF mirror covers.
Add CF trunk spoiler? I like the look but am concerned about aero-drag.
Xpel paint protection film.
90% tint film on rear window only for UV protection.
Swap tires for studless snows.
Figure out what real CF interior parts can be swapped in and swap them.

Shop around for a system to make the ride height adjustable. I am looking for a range of at least -1 to +1 inch relative to stock.

For warmer weather:
Get a light weight wheel set. Which one is still up for grabs.
Install Michelin Pilotsport A/S 3+ tires, probably 255 35r19s.

Performance mods:
Get Eurocompulsion's V2 intake system.
Keep an eye out for an "ideal" exhaust system. I may end up with something custom.
Keep an eye out for light weight brake rotors to fit.
Keep an eye out for a well tested and smog legal engine power upgrade.
Constant tweaking for weight reduction.
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