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Giulia paint on a duetto...

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Have a Montecarlo blue Giulia with the 5-hole grey wheels - love the look and for me it is the best combo. I am restoring my 69 duetto (again) and am going to go with a non-original color. It has a Burgundy roof. Very tempted to match my new Giulia with Montecarlo blue- would be super cool side-by-side- but can't help but think that Vesuvio grey metallic would be awesome with the red roof and less controversial. Either way was going to get my MOMO Vegas painted the same metallic grey as my Giulia wheels. Car was bright green originally and I am not doing that...THoughts?
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Tough call really. There's absolutely no reason that you should or need to stick with the original color.

Our new Giulia Ti is Montecarlo Blue, and it's an interesting essence of pearl blue. It changes from light blue to dark blue with shades of purple between. There's a fine layer of metal flake that disappears while giving the car a shimmering effect.

There's plenty of good choices, including the ones you've mentioned.
It is always matter of personal liking, I would go with grey if the roof is red, rich blue like MC with burgundy might make car bit superman-ish...
IMHO most modern metallics have too much flake (and the flakes are too coarse) and they look a little out of place on vintage cars. The original European metallics of the period used very fine metallic particles which give a more subtle metallic effect.

When I had my 1972 GTV painted in the original AR727 Grigio Chiaro Metallizzato (silver) I spent a lot of time discussing this with the painter, and I still think it's a little too bright.

I love Montecarlo Blue on our QV but there is no denying it can be a pretty loud color, even shifting towards purple in some lights. The Vesuvio Grey would look great, but so would a non-metallic graphite grey, which would look amazing with a dark red top.
My GTV same color silver.

For the Duetto I'd do a metallic brown. You'd get modern metallic flake but with a more classic color.

If you want blue, try a shade flatter than the Montecarlo.
Lots of good points. I am now totally confused. I agree about the Monte carlo blue being a bit Supermanish ( thanks for that image!). Started ng to wonder about more unique colors: Porsche has an amazing new color graphite blue metallic that might better pair with the roof. Audi has a mocha latte that is a creamy and gorgeous. They also have a Dakota grey metallic that would be safer....decisions decisions
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