Hello fellow Alfanians,

So my FREAKING AWESOME Giulia QV is at home with someone else. That means I have some leftover goodies to part with. I had purchased a set of mirror caps awhile back as I wanted something a little different on my Giulia to set her just slightly apart from the crowd.

So I took these new caps and brought them to one of my favorite painters in the area and had them painted in a matte/satiny finish. I paid $255 to get them painted but they look sweet. I'm losing a fair amount of money but I can't afford to have them sitting around while I'm not working.

I had them on the car for about eight months or so. She had around 2700 when I installed these mirror caps. When I sold her just over a month ago she had 2899 on the clock. Plus she stayed in the garage mostly covered as I was traveling for work.

I am listing them them here with an image or two on the Giulia. Price is $250 plus shipping. If interested drop me a PM.