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Hey All,

To contribute something back to the forums, I wanted to give away the spare Floor Mats that I got from my dealership early last year. I've barely used them and they're taking up space. I've only had the All Weather Mats installed because I use my car for variable tasks (Costco/Home Depot hauling, mountain drives, hikes, track days, etc). They have a very small bit of debris, and I'll be giving them a thorough vacuum/clean before passing them over. The floor mats are in a Like New state.

If any of y'all are interested in taking the floor mats off my hands for free, no strings attached, please let me know! I'm giving preference to anyone located in NYC, willing to come pick them up from my location (Queens, NY).

For added reference of those interested, I've attached screenshots of the mats:

Sleeve Automotive tire Grey Asphalt Font
Automotive tire Handwriting Rectangle Product Road surface
Rectangle Grey Material property Pattern Flooring
Rectangle Sleeve Grey Flooring Mat
Rectangle Grey Sleeve Pattern Font
Black Rectangle Grey Sleeve Material property
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