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Greetings and welcome to the C12 Vendor page.

As an owner of a Giulia I found certain things lacking and with that we are starting with a few carefully selected products that will step up the satisfaction of owning the coolest car in the segment.

Today I want to show of the C12 Radiator shroud. After owning many Alfas through my life, I found the engine compartment..... Boring and looking the same as a Toyota or a Honda, so I decided that looking back to the classic
cars of our youth was a good start. Color was a good start. If we look back in history almost all Italian sports cars had a wrinkle coated head cover and the name of the brand proudly displayed so everyone could see what car you had when the hood was open. I love Carbon Fiber, but it doesn't have the cool vibe of Powder coated wrinkle paint, and after many prototypes I fell in love with the classic brushed stainless steel Alfa Romeo script. An expensive addition but worth it as it really gives the engine compartment a distinctive look.
The options are Classic Red and Stealth Black. The script and logo can be ordered in a polished SS or a heavy Gold plating if that's your thing. The latter options adds a week lead time to ship.
Hope you guy's find this product exciting and a great addition to your beautiful Giulia and very soon a Quadrifoglio option.
We are proud that our products are made here in Los Angeles from laser cutting through powder coating and machining adding to our local economy and community.


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