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Wowzers, the roads around Frankfort are great driving roads! I highly recommend a trip down/out/over if the place is within range for you.

I don't have an impressive travelogue to share or anything, but I was just there for the first time this past weekend, and really was impressed by the roads. The surfaces are really good, traffic is light, and they're winding, rolling, picturesque, and often tiny, 1.5 lane things that make it feel like you're driving through a painting. And the leaves weren't even out yet! Well, to think of it, they may have been helpful with sightlines...

Of course, it's the home of Bourbon, too, so if that's of interest, all the better. And lots of horses.

Beyond those things, there seems not to be much else to go for-- the food scene is very weak-- and the town itself is quite small at 25k or so people, so it's not a cultural magnet, either. I will say the people were very nice, though, and it's easy to strike up conversations at the bar or just about anywhere.

But yeah, go for a weekend of driving. You won't be disappointed...not at the wheel of a Giulia, anyway. The quality of the flow was supreme.
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