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Evening fellow members. Wanted to share with the community on how much fun this piggyback is. Installation is fairly easy peasy straight forward (other then the manifold removal). The grin this things brings to my face is so much fun and joy, i can even say addictive. Having a Remus catback and K&N drop in filter, the extra power and torque is very noticable, not to mention that even the exhaust sounds deeper , and when you floor it, oh my god the sound that it sings.... pure music to my ears. The engine and transmission behavior has also changed for better. I can really feel the upshift's punch in the back of my seat when WOT in manual shifting.
If you were thinking but at the same time hesitating on adding a piggyback , these guys nailed it pretty good. No cells, no jerking, and full control via the app. Really enjoying this mod. The extra hp/tq brings the Ti close, pretty close to the F30 BMW 340 MPPSK ( previous car ). Very happy that i took the plunge and encourage those of you hesitating to do the same. No regrets, that's a promise !

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