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View attachment 23354 Just absolutely wonderful! Spent some quality time in my new Giulia to discover and learn all the tech and features.

A little background, I’m coming from a long line of car ownerships, ranging from little quirk cars like the Scion xb, to exquisite Italian supercars and almost every sports car brand along the way. My impressions of the Giulia are based on all my experiences owning this wide variety of cars. I have tracked some of my cars such as the Acura NSX, Porsche 911 and Lotus, but recently I have just driven my cars for the pleasure of owning automotive art. I have no hesitation to put miles on my cars. I just completed a 3,000 mile journey in my C7 Corvette which is a fantastic touring machine. This is my second C7. The first was so good I couldn’t believe I didn’t get all the options I wanted so I upgraded.

My wife says there have only been two cars that had the most compliant suspension and engineering for long trips, the C7 and the Lotus Evora. Now there are 3 cars that earned in that top position, the Giulia.

I did my research on this forum and paid particular attention to problems that owners detected. I’m happy to report the following:

I did not find the gas pedal has a delay or too much play. It does, however, exhibit turbo lag as the engine spools up pressure to activate the turbo boost. This is common with every turbo car I have owned.

I found no problem with the Start Stop feature. It is the most seamless system I have experienced, much more discreet than my Porsche 991 and definitely less intrusive than any Mercedes I have had. The only problem is the AC compressor shuts down while the fan keeps blowing so if stuck in prolonged stop and go traffic, I just turn off the Stop/Start system.

The steering is incredibly accurate and quick to respond and the turning radius is superb. It is light footed! Not heavy footed like my BMW 6 Series.

Visibility is excellent and I found no blind spots, particularly if you adjust your side mirrors to see the adjacent lanes and not your own car.

The brakes are strong and positive and required no special compensation by the driver to bring the car to a smooth, no jerk stop.

Ergonomics are well thought out and the placement and position of the knobs and switches are intuitive and located well. The Rotary knob does not feel too delicate and it responses well to a light touch and spin.

Yeah, the back up camera screen is a little small, but it conveys all the necessary information.

And the exhaust note is an unwritten song, but that can be corrected aftermarket.

Now, I’m not saying I will not be attacked by some Alfa gremlins down the road, but I was very careful to insure I had all the latest software updates as itemized on this forum. Also, as a result of this forum, I learned which recommended dealer to take it to for service.

Most importantly, the Giulia has something that all my previous German cars never understood. The Giulia has SOUL. It encourages you to be one with it. It begs for you to pull on those paddles and excite the mechanical thrill to be in sync between man and machine.


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