I have a set of the roof rack bars that go on the Giulia Sedan. I bought them off the Stelvio forum group in 2020 for my wife's Stelvio.
They have never been used or even mounted on a car. They are complete with the install directions that I found online after I figured they wouldn't fit.
They are in excellent shape. May have a few small slight scratches from being moved around.

I paid 200.00 plus shipping for them. Would like to get the same for them. But open to offers as I have no use for them. As I will probably never have a new Giulia sedan. Especially since I have an original.

The directions state that they can not be used with a sunroof car. But others have committed they can you just cannot open the sunroof when there on. You can see the commits about that on this thread. FS Factory Roof Racks

If your concerned about my post numbers. I was approved here based off my 16 years of being on the AlfaBB forum. My user name is the same as here. You can also check my post history there. I sell a good bit on there.

200.00 plus shipping or best offer. I get a good rate on shipping. My guess would be in the 25.00 to 40.00 range depending on where you are. I only charge my cost on shipping.