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That picture, my friends, is from a video of an undisguised Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio cruising down the street in Amsterdam followed closely by a heavily camouflaged entry-level Giulia. After publishing the news of Alfa Romeo pushing back the Giulia’s showroom release date by six months into the middle of 2016, the media has been quiet, until now.

How do we know that the second car is the entry-level Giulia?

Well for one, the exterior is under camouflage but there are other prominent design cues differentiating the two models. The QV model is sporting two air vents on the hood while the base model’s hood is completely covered, it only has two tailpipes instead of the QV’s four, and according to autoevolution the wheels appear to be smaller on the base Giulia compared to the QV. Not shown in the video but also a difference between the trims are the headlamps; QV equipped with a set of Bi-xenon projector headlamps while its base model is equipped with a set of halogen lights.

Maybe by showing off both Giulias in public, Alfa Romeo is hoping to drum up interest now that we’re approaching the showroom release date. We could be seeing more updates in the near future so stay tuned.
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