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Hi all. I have a 2018 QV which has never had any major issues throughout my ownership. I'm the original owner. But today when I started the car, the cluster flashed multiple errors. The car runs, but it's clear the errors have affected most of the functionality of the car.

Some observations:
  • Turn signals not working
  • A/C fan runs, but does not cool
  • Fuel gauge doesn't work
  • Door lock indicator is lit red even though the doors aren't locked
  • Lights do not work
  • Etc.

My question is has anyone experienced a similar issue? If so, was there a DIY solution? I wonder if disconnecting the battery to reset the car would fix the issue?

I've attached some pics of the the errors on my cluster for reference.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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View attachment 128501
View attachment 128502
I had that happen once. No idea what the root cause was but I ended up pulling the negative on the battery terminal and the issue never came back. This was like 2 years ago.
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