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Greetings forum members:
A few weeks after buying my 2019 2.0 TI Q4 I foolishly ran over a cement parking block and when reversing pulled the lower fascia away from it’s tabs below the passenger side headlight. I made a repair using epoxy as AR said the repair would involve replacing the entire fascia at around $1,500 and the paint would probably not be a good match.

The epoxy has worked loose again and I have my weld bond clear water proof epoxy but before I do the repair was wondering if anyone can advise me where the bead of epoxy should be applied. The broken tabs are at the leading edge just above the wheel well but was thinking of working the epoxy on both sides of the seam and then clamping for 48 hours (supposedly it sets in 5 minutes with a 3900 psi tensile strength but it has failed after a year of holding already…) Any thoughts or advice as to area expoxy should be applied and if only on one or both surfaces? Thanks much for any advice
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