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I purchased the red start/Stop button from your site and I?m attempting to put it in as we speak. I?ve done quite a bit of car stuff over the years, but can?t for the life of me get the steering wheel facia controls off. This is a 2018 Stelvio. The corners where the plastic facia meets the steering where is stuck and doesn?t want to come off. I?ve tried prying quite a bit but I?m afraid if I pry and more the plastic will snap. Is there a trick to these ?pressure fittings? that you talked about? I?ve attached a picture and circled where it seems to be stuck. On a side note the back of the start/Stop button screw holes aren?t totally accessible as it seems they should be. Had to use a tiny screw driver to get them loose. Does that seem normal?! Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


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