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Hello - brand new here and may be ordering a Giulia Ti Sport custom. What % discounts have you all managed ordering through your dealers?

Thanks in advance!
If you are willing to buy site unseen you can look to the internet. There are several good internet dealers. Strongsville is one and there are a few others on the east. If you are not the west coast I would look for your locals. Ti Sports most shops seem to want to move because they seem to have the most inventory but if you are particular and want it to spec then keep looking. Get your priorities of what you can’t live without if it is everything but one thing you don’t want to pay for then you may have a tougher time. I would get your priorities and then look at the internet and surrounding states for a closer delivery. For sure you can look at strongsville and all the boys look to Jimmy who is their sales manager but they are a no haggle volume dealer so be ready to make a deal they are not going to play around. They are making too many sales. Just sayin. You can’t go wrong and if you are looking at a 2018 you have to buy off the lot. 2019s you can order

Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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