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It seems we are all gaga over our Centerline Corsa systems. They sound awesome. Madness posted a video on the the exhaust. To me, after owning the Corsa for 2 weeks now, it seems a bit deeper sounding. I know it is a 3" exhaust so that may have something to do with it. I can't wait to mate it with the V2 cold air system.
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Thank you for asking.

We have actually had very good feedback and reviews on our systems. Some of them are on this forum and some have never visited a forum in their life and posted reviews elsewhere.

You may want to take a look at this thread on this forum that had some reviews:

Here is a recap in case you want to save some time searching:

Dmagness dropped us a review on a different social media platform! Check out what he had to say about our products!

ECM/Monza Exhaust

Highly Recommended! Boris and his team have my TI sounding like a QV but with all the control. Boris has nailed the "Italian" exhaust note with this exhaust! Grab the Madness ECM unit and the "Monza" exhaust and you"ll have your Giulia as close to the QV as you can get. Madness has never steered me wrong with any recommendation given to me. Every Madness install has exceeded my expectations!!

Here is another from this forum: Madness Monza Exhaust Incredible I had the Madness Autoworks Monza Exhaust with carbon fiber tips installed last Friday morning July 28th. I wanted to give a little time of use to make sure there was no rattles or issues before posting my review. Also I have not received anything from Madness for this review, it's completely unbiased and 100% my opinions. Unfortunately I had lost my DB pics and video the day of the install, user error. I have an app called Decibel 10, which seems to work pretty good for a free app. One of the mechanics at the shop had a Mazda GTO with a Corza exhaust on his car and he asked me to use the app. His exhaust was way to loud at rev we got 132 decibel reading at rest it was 119.

First let me say again this Monza Exhaust is awesome and worth the price. The mechanic with the Mazda even committed on how well the Monza was built and he absolutely loved the carbon fiber tips!

Anyway first thing this is not a DYI project that just installs in minutes. It took 3 mechanics at certain times to adjust and get the exhaust onto the hangers. They also had to make a slight modification to the drivers side rear hanger they had to cut about 3/4 of inch off the steel post to get the exhaust tip from rubbing on the rear diffuser. It took them every bit of a hour and half from start to finish to install. They charged me $200 to install it and yes I had contacted my dealer but they refused to put any aftermarket parts on the car.

The reading I was getting on the standard exhaust was high 60's decibel like 68-69 was normal at idle. Throttle put the reading at low 80's the highest was 82. I think most standard luxury sport sedans have an idle reading in the high 70's and throttle in the low 90's.

With the push of the red button (yes I replaced the black one) you can hear a noticeable difference between the 2 exhaust. I mean it's like night and day. Now the Giulia has awaken from a dismal sleep and she sounds like a real sports sedan is suppose to. I also took it by my local dealer and they were amazed at the difference. It's not as throaty as the QV and it burps a little more, however it doesn't get drowned out like the standard exhaust does it holds it's own now. There is zero drone effect in the cabin, and its very comfortable sounding inside with the radio on or having a conversation. For me the biggest difference is at start and laying on the throttle she seems to have more character and more pep. I don't have any numbers to support the more pep I'm just going by feel, she just seems to have more power but that could be just psychological.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EXHAUST. I love it and I have even gotten more comments from bystanders on the sound, had zero comments before. I will also post a video but here is some pics the first is inside the car at idle. The second pic is outside at idle. The third pic is at rev, the highest reading was 112 at rev. 4th pic is inside driving radio at 20. 5th pic is driving radio set at 28. The other photos is of the standard exhaust with the FAKE tips, just for reference. So this exhaust is not over the top 18 year oldish excessively loud. IMO the standard exhaust was non existent and added very little to the overall experience, now I have all the senses covered Sight, SOUND, Feel, and Smell. Did I mention the Carbon Tips? Just WOW......

Here is another one from this forum:


Heard the Corsa exhaust and yours blows it away. You pay for what you get.

Another comment on this forum:


Yea the other cool and deciding factor for me between the Madness Monza, Corza & Ragazzon exhaust was the flexibility in interchangeable tips. I can easily swap out the carbon fiber tips for chrome or even blue tips if I want. I had Corza exhaust on a previous vehicle and really liked it, it was high quality and sounded great. I listen probably over 100 times the you tube videos of the Monza & Corza and for me I thought the Monza sounded better in the videos, just my personal opinion.

More comments:

No IMO it would not annoy anyone especially children. For normal driving with the windows up, radio on and a normal conversation you can't even tell. However when you apply that throttle you can hear her. My mother who is 67 rode in it and we were having a good conversation and the exhaust never interfered with it. I did have to turn down my radio for her. LOL

Here is another review:

Here is the latest one:

Hi Ray, I just posted a review on your web site of my new performance exhaust system and I posted a more complete review on my blog with a video. I got the system installed yesterday at Franco's Imported Cars and I assisted him in the install. It took about 1 1/2 hours but after doing one we could do the next one in about an hour. The most difficult part was getting the old system off, but everything was straight forward and best of all the new parts lined up nicely. Especially nice was the pipes lined up perfectly where they exit through the diffuser. Any misalignment would show up there as it has to be perfect to be centered in the diffuser holes.

There are more, but this should give you a good idea.

Great product. And the sound is as Boris shows in his video. Awesome. If any of your prospective buyers have any questions, I would be glad to share my experience.

Please feel free to forward this email to Boris.

Regards, Paul Ziegler

Here is a link to his blog that has some details, pictures and his own video:

Hope this helps a bit for those of you on the fence.
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