2 19x9 Dark 5-holes
(Rear rims for a staggered Giulia 2.0 RWD)
Rims are in top notch shape
Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires
Lots of life left on the treads

2 19x10 Dark 5-holes
(Rear rims from a QV)
Rims have just a few rock chips and flaws, otherwise in great shape (see pictures)
Pirelli PZero tires
Less life on treads but still good for a few k miles

All four wheels and tires are going to come with TPMS sensors and Alfa Romeo wheel caps (black and stainless). I ran this setup for about 8k miles and the grip was face-melting. No more sliding around on my favorite canyon road hairpins. Had zero issues with rubbing or fitment and in terms of stance they were PERFECT without spacers on my 2.0T.

If you’re looking for one pair or the other I would be open to separating the sets. Feel free to PM me in either case. Willing to assist with shipping logistics and ready to move these since I no longer have my Alfa and these are now taking up unnecessary room in the garage.