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Constant Pinging With HVAC "Auto" On

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Didn't see this anywhere else yet...

At the start of this week, when I turn on my car and set my HVAC to AUTO, I have been hearing a constant pinging that sounds like it is coming from the HVAC blower motor. I could be wrong but was wondering if anyone else has heard something similar before. It sounds almost like if I left something metal and glass bottle in the back seat and constantly heard the two touching causing a consistent frequency of dings as the car vibates.

Issue goes away when I turn the HVAC off completely or when I increase or decrease the fan speed to get out of AUTO mode. I could even equate it to being able to hear a computers hard drive clicking when it thinks really hard lol. I have only been able to exprience it on short drives (15-25 min) since I have a fairly short daily commute so I can't tell whether it gets better or not as the car warms up or whether it's the heat. Hasn't been hot enough yet in MI to use A/C consistently.

Only noticable with the audio pretty much off. Car has just under 1k miles.

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No, I've never experienced that 'ping' sound or any other odd sounds. I seldom use the 'auto' mode for the climate control, but have used it enough.
I use Auto all the time but do not have any noise. I wonder if something (wire, paper scrap, leaf) is touching the squirrel cage blower? Or maybe the stepper motor is trying to move a jammed vent flap? Could some ice or snow have gotten inside causing a jam? These are the things I would be looking at. I hope they don't have to disassemble your dash to fix it.
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This was happening in my car, it was much more prominent at colder outdoor temperatures here in the Northeast. The dealer ended up replacing the HVAC motor and I just got the car back today, the sound is gone. I believe it to be a recognized issue at this point. My Ti is a 5/17 build and not sure if it is a manufacturing batch issue. It took them almost a month to get the part.
It took them almost a month to get the part.
Did you leave the car with them or did you get a loaner?
Did you leave the car with them or did you get a loaner?
Your new car warranty includes a free loaner car. If they don't offer, ask.
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