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English automotive journalist Chris Harris test drives the new Giulia Quadrifoglio in the first episode of his Top gear exclusive video series and he thinks Alfa Romeo will be able to sell every single one they bring to the UK.

Harris describes the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio as the Italian M3 and its importance to Alfa is huge because the company hasn’t made an impact in the executive saloon market since the 159’s production had ceased in 2011.

Even though the UK is only getting it with the eight-speed automatic transmission, Harris has driven the Giulia in both variants and he thinks the automatic is actually better. The manual gearbox’s shift quality is rubbery and the clutch pedal’s movement is not the best so those of you in the UK may not be missing out on much.

No matter the gearbox, future owners will still be getting Alfa Romeo’s new 503 hp twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 engine with 442 lb ft of peak torque. This is based on hard numbers but, Harris thinks the Giulia QV is 10% quicker than the M3 but one area it did marginally lose in is the torque at low revs. The torque peak is higher but it’s more fun at the top end once you get there.

For buyers who don’t plan on taking the QV to the track, they will be glad to hear that it’s a more comfortable car than the M3 thanks to the adaptive dampers that you can put into soft mode. Another win over the BMW is the quiet tire and suspension noises making the Giulia a genuinely great car for long rides.

For his full review, you’ll have to make your way to the Official Top Gear Site.
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