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Thought I would share some photos and info on my new CarCapsule Showcase.
I got the 18 foot long one so I can walk around the front and the back while it’s inside.
Yes these are designed for the inside but I just put it up outside so you could see it that it’s going to go in my carport or garage. Actually the only reason they’re not good for the outside is because they have a flat roof and water would pool up or a snow load would crush them pop the air supports holding it in place. It has a filtered fan that pressurizes the capsule which is great because it keeps The air circulating and fresh.
No guarantee that rodents will not eat through it but I don’t think they will and you can put some citrus stuff around the edge to keep them away.
It’s nice nice display box! Even comes with an LED light kit that has many colors and modes you can pick a solid color or make it a party!
There’s a rowdy bunch of us that check our cars to racetracks to track and race and we’re always talking shit about which car is better. I think this will up the level of competitiveness😃. Make everybody look at my car while it flashes a lightshow! Bahaha!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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