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So, my Giulia had been parked up for a week with no use, jumped in to go shopping and could hear what sounded like the starter just spinning and not engaging. I have removed the starter motor and bench tested to make sure everything working okay which it is, I have purchased what I know is a good relay and one by one swapped it out for the common failing ones under wheel arch with no luck. The engine is turning as all pulleys are rotating as normal it’s just like somethings stoping the fuel from coming through. I had no prior warning or symptoms it all just came out of the blue. I have also tried the multi air bleed truck with pushing the ball bearing down to make sure there’s no air in the system and oil is coming through fine as soon as the car starts cranking. I will try and attach a picture of the faults currently in the system in the hope someones Had something similar and can help out as it’s definitely something or nothing.

it’s a 2017 Giulia full service history and 60k miles on it. View attachment 135225 View attachment 135225

We can see that you have gotten some good advice from others in the forum! If this issue is not resolved and you decide to connect with a dealer for diagnostics, please feel free to reach out via direct message. We would love to connect you with an Alfa Romeo Specialist as your vehicle gets repaired.

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