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There has been quite a bit of turmoil in the FCA plan recently. Delays abound. So this interview with Reid Bigland, Alfa Romeo's North American boss, on the future of the Alfa Romeo is particularly interesting. There isn't anything ground shaking in the interview, but it is definitely worth the read. here are some quotes, and I'll link to the full article at the bottom of the post.

Car and Driver: How long will it take for the Giulia to make the transition from the show floor to the sales floor?

Reid Bigland: Look for production of the Giulia to start in late first quarter [2016] for Europe and late second quarter for North America. Both the Giulia Quadrifoglio and base model Giulia should be in U.S. dealerships by summer of 2016.
Not sure if this is completely genuine, but okay...
What’s unique about Alfa is that we can keep it in the pure-premium segment—and not have to get down in the $30K range where a lot of the German competitors are right now due to the addiction to [sales] volume. We’ve got that covered with our mass-market brands.
C/D: Is there a limited-slip differential in the cards for the 4C?

RB: In the Giulia, yes. But we are making no announcements regarding the 4C.
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