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Installed the drop in Air Filter last night.
Took some Photos of the Bay.
The Engine Cover needed two 10mm Bolts to be removed, after removing the Plstic Tabs hiding the bolts.
The Air Filter Housing box needs to be separated and had to use a 4mm Allen Key to remove 2 bolts from the Circular portion away from the Rectangular portion, also disconnected the sensor. The Air Filter Box it self needs a 7mm Socket for the 4 bolts holding it in place. Once you seperate the round portion from the Rectangular portion to wiggle it out, make sure all 4 bolts are completely loose.
The quality on the BMC filter is superb, especially next to the stock piece.
Rode 35 miles today and all is good, maybe a placebo effect, but it does seem like its breathing better. Regardless, this will do until Eurocompulsion brings a true CAI kit out.
I picked up from Ebay italy for about $70 shipped.
Here is BMC link for the part
Nice. Wonder how these will compare to K&N's eventual of offering.

Are aftermarket CAIs legal in CA?
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