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Approximate Cost to Install Supersprint Axle Back Race Exhaust

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Getting my SS race axle back exhaust in couple weeks and was curious about install cost. I live in Nashville if that helps from a regional price perspective. Can go to AF dealer but is a reputable European shop I have used in past as well. I appreciate any insights.
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It took me 2 hours with a torn rotator cuff to do it by myself. Any mechanic can do it, there's nothing Alfa or Euro unique about the job.
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A local exhaust shop charged me $80.00 to install it.
I'm not sure about that specific exhaust, but I put on my MAPerformance exhaust myself in about 3 hours (most of that was figuring out what trim/panels I needed to remove) and I've never touched an exhaust system before. So I'd imagine a real mechanic with the proper tools should be able to fly through it.
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