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Following the release of their new Giulia Sedan, Alfa Romeo is allegedly working on a station wagon variant to help boost Europe sales.

Sources briefed on the matter told Automotive News Europe that the Giulia station wagon should be launched next year. This may be the first confirmation of sorts as neither Alfa Romeo nor Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said anything about a station wagon.

Felipe Munoz, an analyst at JATO Dynamics market researchers, said that "the Giulia sedan is doing reasonably well but without a wagon it is not competing in the largest portion of the midsize premium segment.”

Most likely, he’s referring to the Europe market as wagons account for 42% of midsize premium sales with sedans taking 33% of the segment sales. The source didn’t mention whether it will be sold outside Europe, but the answer is most likely ‘no’ as wagons are not as popular outside of Europe and U.S. customers prefer SUVs and crossovers.

If this is true, the wagon will most likely sit on the Giorgio architecture that was developed specifically for the Giulia and sport a raised roofline, maybe even a new rear bumper and taillights. X-Tomi’s rendering is a good representation of what the Alfa Romeo Giulia Station Wagon could look like.
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