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In the world of car development, 2 years is not a very long time. Volvo spent 7 years on just the seats in the XC90. In comparison, Alfa Romeo spent 2 and a half years in total developing the Giulia.

It has been reported that the Giulia is built on an adapted Ghibli/Quattroporte platform, which would help to explain the rapid development time.

This 159 successor has been a long-time coming after numerous delays: the earlier front-wheel drive programme was canned in its entirety, deemed untrue to the brand after Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne ordered a more radical replacement. ‘You ask every car maker: doing a car in two years, everyone will tell you it’s not possible,’ says Krief. ‘The industry standard says four, the longest say five years, everywhere in the world. We had to do it in two and a half years. Marchionne said – and he’s right – the only way to achieve that is to be different.
I just wonder if the rapid development is going to lead to some quality issues ultimately.
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