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That’s right, Alfa Romeo is joining the autopilot arms race and they’re going to do it with the Giulia.

Harald Wester, head of Alfa Romeo and Maserati, isn’t looking to make the Giulia completely autonomous yet and we can’t expect to see something like that any time before 2024. What he’s looking to do is develop an autopilot system like the one found in Tesla’s Model S. In fact, one such system is already under development.

If it does perform like Tesla’s autopilot technology and if Alfa Romeo does manage to introduce this system into the Giulia, your new sedan should be able to manage its own speed, stay within and change lanes when needed, avoid side collisions and parallel park itself.

Having autonomous cars doesn’t mean the end of performance vehicles. Wester is “absolutely convinced that once fully autonomous vehicles are established, the more people will appreciate driving on a road free of traffic and enjoy driving their car again. Then it will be as important as ever to produce a car which elicits a huge amount of driving emotions.”

In a sort of indirect way, Alfa Romeo is trying to guarantee their future in the automotive industry and their new compact saloon will be the deciding factor that will either make or break Alfa Romeo’s future development.
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