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Improve the performance of your Alfa Romeo Giulia and give it a unique, throaty sound with this Muffled Axle Back Exhaust from Ragazzon!

This exhaust gives your car the right sporty look with the unmistakable Ragazzon sound.

Constructed from AISI 304 Stainless Steel, Ragazzon has used the highest quality material, inside and out, to produce high performance products. This exhaust also lowers the back pressure in your exhaust system which leads to increased engine power, and reduces fuel consumption.

To get this Ragazzon Axle Back Exhaust for your Alfa Romeo Giulia please visit the link below:
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportline Exhaust Axle Back by Ragazzon - 2017 - Muffled w/ Tips - MADNESS Autoworks - Auto Parts and Accessories
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