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It’s been years of waiting, but the Alfa Romeo brand is finally starting to take shape. Dealerships have had the 4C for a while, but now they’re welcoming the brand’s first sedan, the all-new Giulia. Join host Gary Vasilash from the site of its North American media drive in Napa Valley, California as he and guest co-host Tim Stevens from Roadshow by CNET, talk to the team behind Alfa Romeo. In addition, during the news portion of the show, Gary and Tim are also joined by two colleagues as they discuss the hopes for this new performance sedan.

- Reid Bigland, CEO, Alfa Romeo
- Richard Cox, Director, Alfa Romeo North America
- Fabio Di Muro, Vehicle Line Director, Alfa Romeo

- PANEL: Gary Vasilash, AD&P; Tim Stevens, CNET; Rebecca Lindland, KBB; Tony Quiroga, Car and Driver
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