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Alfa Giulia 2.2 Super - Adblue Leak?

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Hello, I purchased my first Alfa Giulia at the end of 2022. Since then I've repeatedly had to refill my Adblue, following warning lights appearing on my dashboard.

This is the first car I've owned that required the Adblue additive, so I naively assumed this was normal and it needed topping up regularly. Upon doing some research, I've realised that my Adblue consumption is far greater than it should be. I'm now pretty convinced I must have a leak of some sort.

Has anybody had issues of this nature in the past? Or could anyone offer any advice as to how simple this is to rectify? I'm worried that this could require some particularly 'open-ended' and intrusive investigative work to locate the issue, and consequently cost me a fortune! So I'm hesitant to take it to a garage for the time being.

Many thanks in advance!
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I’m assuming this is a diesel Giulia? These weren’t sold in the US so hopefully someone else can chime in. But yes it sounds like a leak, I would look under the garage/street to see if you find drips. I don’t know if you could necessarily see anything under the hood and the Giulia is pretty well covered from underneath. Might as well just start calling around and get quotes.
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