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Took the plunge and ordered one called iSmart. Looks very similar to the Eng-custom one on other forums. The manufacturer is called Kremersino and they have a store in AliExpress. It was discounted with DHL was here in a week quicker than posting from Mulgrave to Mount Waverley! View attachment 103341

I installed the microphone this afternoon bit tricky as it sits on the right hand side and most forums show the left hand side. Took a bit of fiddling but managed to get it hidden not sure how well it'll work. View attachment 103342

View attachment 103343

I also noted the brilliant workmanship of my dealer the bottom cover was placed incorrectly. So for tomorrow will chuck in the unit and hopefully happy days! ( Within a 5 KLM radius of course!).
Just installed the iSmart box in my 2018 Stelvio, and it's amazing! Works as advertised and it's great to finally have Android Auto in my Stelvio. The menus and display are super fast - faster than the stock software. And AA runs a lot smoother than it does in my wife's car and a Range Rover we rented while traveling recently, and both had AA built in. Super happy with it.

I avoided having to wire the microphone by just keeping my Alpha Connect BT connection. I disabled media playback on that profile on my phone, and everything works brilliantly. In AA (using the iSmart of course) I can make a call, and not only does it use the built in mic and speakers over BT, but it shows up in AA as well. It's all seamless and works great.

Thanks Ponch for the pointer and the excellent instructions. Saved me a lot of time and headaches. My vehicle was a bit different than your pics, but was able to figure it all out no problem.

Oh, and AliExpress said it was going to take 2 months to get, and it took two weeks, even with all the supply chain problems. Couldn't be happier.
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