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Just came back from 15 day, 4,432 mile, 6 state, 3 racetrack tracking adventure. Was tracking with my 4C and hauling it around in my Toyota Tundra. So I hadn’t seen or driven my Giulia QV for over two weeks.

Just looking at it in my garage gave me a smile and then I started to drive it I was totally amazed and with huge smiles about a nice car it is.

The Looks, the Ride and the Power are intoxicating!! It’s loaded up with three people and going down the road at 40 and I punch the gas pedal and the car digs down, woooshes off with a roar and tires start a sedan! Too funny!

Then I look at it in the parking lot and looks like a piece of art compared all the other cars. Too fun!

Then I’m parked at some drive-in and some cute young girls walk by without me in the car they pause take a good look at it and say “ kind of a hootie”. Not sure what that meant but pretty sure it was very good.

Life with Giulia is never boring!

Killed it tracking in the 4C but I would’ve loved to have also brought the Giulia tracking as it is also crazy fast and would’ve BLOWN people away having a sedan being so fast. But I would have spent about $3,000 in brake pads and about same in tires if I would have driven it with the same intensity those 5 track days! But **** it might have been worth it! I need to marry a girl named Brembo Michelin.
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