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Active Splitter

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The front splitter is active and intelligent, it knows the difference between curves and straights, over steer or understeer and will react accordingly...

‘We wanted the maximum of everything, best engine, weight, suspension, tyres and torque vectoring, and best possible aerodynamics,' says Krief. 'You have to create downforce, it increases the performance of your tyres. So we’ve developed this device to increase downforce in corners. We start from the basis where the car has natural downforce, but then we increase it in a bend: so in curves, the splitter is working to give you more downforce; go back to a straight line and we want low Cx, low drag. The Giulia has two electric actuators linked to the ECU that understands if you’re in a corner or a straight line, whether you’re in an understeer or oversteer situation, and in respect of that decides how to move the splitter.’
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