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It's Gunning for German Glory: Alfa Romeo Giulia QV vs BMW M3

Alfa is sending its Giulia QV into the ring to take on the likes of the BMW M3, Mercedes C63 AMG and more. Aside from packing a potent 503hp Ferrari-tuned all aluminium 3.0L TT V6 vs 425 3.0 TT inline 6, expect the rest that comes into play resulting in well rounded performance to position the Giulia QV high among its competition!

The M is an at risk species, with everyone and their mum intent on topping the Bavarian power brokers someone might eventually do it...

So far this year we've had promises from both Lexus and Jaguar that BMW was on notice, add to that Cadillacs rhetoric over the last few years and you can see how this was becoming a bit boy crying wolf.

But then last week happened and suddenly there was a very real threat, and its heading to market.

I don't need to introduce you to the 503 hp Alfa Romeo Giulia QV do I?

503 hp Ferrari tuned all aluminium 3.0L TT V6 vs 425 3.0 TT inline 6

But the Alfa isn't just about engines, they put in the wrench time and it shows. Short overhangs betray its aggressive intentions, active aero lip spoiler, carbon fibre diffuser, 4 meaty tail pipes and the hood, roof and prop shaft have all been produced in carbon fibre. The seats have carbon fibre shells and proper bolstering, the start button is even on the steering wheel.

Even that doesn't tell the whole story. Alfa says the QV has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and that it will dwarf the competition in terms of torsional rigidity. The suspension is supposedly trick with what Alfa calls a "semi-virtual steering-axis" which is designed to keep a consistent caster trail through curves. Couple that with torque vectoring, carbon ceramic discs and Pirlli P-Zeros and you have quite the competent M hunting weapon.

Now the question is, will shoppers even care?

Drives Like A Ferrari

"There’s a little bit of Maranello magic in the new Giulia’s chassis dynamics" claims Krief, a Senior Engineer at Ferrari. Further adding to the exciting tidbits "precise, very quick, very agile, very stable. It drives fantastically really" is how he continues to explain the all-new Giulia.

Giulia project Cheif Philippe Krief came directly from the Ferrari 458 Speciale project. I think he knows a thing or two ;)

Krief was a senior engineer at Ferrari and promises there’s a little bit of Maranello magic in the new Giulia’s chassis dynamics. ‘I worked on the 458, the Speciale especially,’ he tells CAR. ‘Ferrari had a big advantage of having rear-wheel drive, so it’s exactly the same kind of stuff we wanted to put on the Giulia, this kind of feeling… It has to be precise, very quick, very agile, very stable. It drives fantastically really.’
Given the short timeframe Marchionne allotted to the team 'two years and two months,' there will be a lot of questions to be answered, specifically around build quality:

Oh yes, the project lead and several key personnel were pulled off Ferrari projects to bring the Giulia to the light of day...

Marchionne authorised a crack skunkworks team to lead the Giulia project. Krief remembers the call-up well. ‘It was 29 April 2013. I was working at Ferrari and received a phone call saying “You have to come and do the new Alfa, we have to do something totally different. So please take a bunch of guys, go somewhere and think about that. You have two years and two months!”’ He appointed a team of 10 specialists in different departments to set the parameters for the programme and they installed themselves away from the usual R&D centre. ‘We were together always, so we had a huge amount of ideas and a quick decision-making process that you can’t have in a big company.’

Giulia Sedan World Preview @ Alfa Romeo Museum

Earlier this week Alfa Romeo gave members of the media an opportunity to see the Giulia up close and personal for the first time, which took place in the brands new museum.

Displayed at the event, Alfa Romeo displayed what's believe to be top of the line models, which would go head-to-head with its BMW 'M' and Mercedes 'AMG' rivals:

The new Alfa Romeo Museum hosted the World Preview of the new 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan. Also at the event were Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA, and Andrea Bocelli, classical tenor, Bocelli, who is blind, said that he loved the sound of Alfas growing up, and knew his father was arriving when he heard the engine approaching.


Interior Revealed!

The world gets its first look at the Giulia's interior, here the top-of-the-range QV, sporting what you'd expect to see in a performance model: sporty steering wheel, racing seats, and of course a generous amount of carbon fiber.

Giulia's slow striptease of information continues today as a new interior photo set of the Giulia QV surfaced online.

The pictures come delayed from the June 24 debut of the new Italian super saloon, better late then never as they highlight the majority of missing details about Giulia's cabin.

Swathed in leather and alacantra the flat bottom steering wheel begs for soft hands and a caring touch, the big red start button screams PRESS ME PLEASE, accented nicely with bits of carbon fibre. Aluminium accents and carbon fibre are used tastefully around the cabin, including the backs of the front buckets.

Stylish, sporty and oozing sex. She's definitely from Milan. More photos can be found at Alfa Romeo-Il cuore ha sempre ragione

New Video Posted by Alfa Romeo

Continuing to build up excitement for its reveal, Alfa Romeo released a new promotional video. The biggest take away? Clear sound clips of what the Giulia QV sounds like ;)

Take a look at this video that Alfa Romeo World just posted on YouTube. It looks like a possible commercial candidate for the 2016 Guilia.

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I knew at some point there would be some Ferrari backing but wasn't aware it was this involved, and this is just through the little bit of information we can get from them at the moment. With marketing and educational material I can imagine them riding the coat tails of Ferrari to boost the image and spread the word about the Giulia.
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