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my hip never touches the wheel. I've had 5 or 6 cars with leather wrapped wheels I've never damaged one from getting in and out of the car, this total bullshit! it doesn't say anywhere in the manual that I shouldn't wear jeans or that I might damage the steering wheel from getting in and out of the car like a normal person. Leather is supposed to be durable! It's total nonsense. The dealer tried make me look stupid. My girlfriend has a 10 year old audi that she bought new, she wears rings all the time and has never damaged the wheel. and I don't wear any jewelry. this whole thing is just a pile of bullshit. They don't want to admit that they put a subpar quality piece of leather on the wheel, and I'll end up having the thing rewrapped at my own expense. There's a reason Alfa isn't selling any cars in America as is on the verge of going under.
Hey man, chill.
If you have sport seats with a huge sidewall, it is very likely that your hips would touch the wheel when going in and out. Maybe you'll not even notice it.
Also, looking at the picture, it is noticeable a strip wear in the area surrounding the tear (the 8 o'clock area). And not on the other parts of the wheel. Exactly if you keep scratching/touching the same area going in and out with your clothes, as the area seems flat/sanded and not rough as the other leather on the wheel.

Anyway, I was not accusing, just relating to experience of some people, me included. No reason to react like this.

Lucky you get another replacement.

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Your sentiments expressed here are certainly understandable. We are here to help. If there are any future issues or concerns with dealers, please know we are available via private message for additional assistance.

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