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New to the forum and new to Alfa. Unfortunately I wish I wasn't writing this. Picked up a QV about 2 weeks ago. Misano Blue with yellow calipers and green/white stitching. Outrageous and gorgeous.

Drove it home, no issues. Next day visited my father and we took it for a drive. As soon as we started going, he noticed water dripping on his foot. It was a holiday weekend so I said I would contact the dealer when they opened in the week. Put a towel down to try to protect the carpet. Checked the towel all weekend and it was wet every time I drove it for any length of time. Contacted dealer and they said bring it in and they would give me a loaner.

Fast forward to the end of the week, no answers. Had to call daily for updates and they basically stated they couldn't duplicate the issue. So I provided them a detailed process of how I operate the AC as I believed it was AC related, condensation dipping. After they got the email I found out the tech was being told it was a rain problem and nothing about the AC. They found that the line was not releasing the condensation out of the car. They checked another QV on the lot and it was fine.

Second week has now gone by, they have no clue how to fix it, no clue how long it will take. I am beyond livid that a rubber hose cannot seem to be fixed. On top of that, I have to constantly call for updates. I have no clue what to do anymore. Can't get a straight answer about what they are doing to the car other than taking our parts of the interior. Service manager even said they may have to take out engine or transmission. Are they serious? For a rubber drain hose? I am just at the end of my rope.

Only had the car for 4 days and had to give it up with what seems like no hope of getting it back. Also, based on what little I am being told, don't really want it back because a totally disassembled car will never be the same as a car from the factory. I love the car but feel like I made a huge mistake. Not sure if anyone has had issues with condensation lines but any advice would be appreciated. :crying:
bro dont cry, its the actuator that opens and closes the flap on your HVAC...just make sure you run the car on Manual 'M' when you have the HVAC on
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