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Hey all!

I'm not yet an Alfa owner but hope to be by the end of this week and join this awesome car community!!!!! I've test drove all the cars in it's class and the Giulia is outstanding! By far my favorite and with just learning Alfa's history, it makes the brand some much cooler. So here we are!

I've spoke to a few dealers and received a great price for a 2017 Giulia Ti Sport MSRP $53K (Vin: ZARFAEEN8H7561189 Car is located in Norwood, MA Central Alfa)
With my trade- 08 Subaru outback sport, $777 startup costs (taxes/fee/reg/1st month), and $221 for 23months (1st month startup included). Standard leasing terms, 10k/yr.

I'm a bit skeptical about the deal after reading so many horrible reviews about the software issues. Can anyone shine more light on this as well or at least help put this concern to bed.

All feedback is greatly appreciated!
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