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We won’t be able to put our hands on one yet but publications like AutoCar are already getting a chance to test out the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV) on track and they’ve published their findings online for us.

Even before getting into the QV, AutoCar journalist Matt Saunders was already drawn to its seductively curvy exterior, grey 19in alloy wheels, and the delicate yet aggressive rear diffuser and quad pipes. Once inside, the driver is instantly surrounded by luxury. The test QV sport seats were encased with two-tone leather/Alcantara with extendable cushions and substantial side bolsters. His main gripe with the interior seems to be the “cheap” looking column stalks and switchgear.

We’ll give Giulia that slight interior imperfection because the QV’s performance more than makes up for it. There are four drive modes to choose from: Advanced Efficiency, Natural, Dynamic and Race. He doesn’t review each mode individually but does mention that Race mode turns off the Giulia’s electronic aids while adjusting the engine, transmission, steering, brakes and rear differential for track racing.

Steering is quick but not too directionally sensitive and the rear-wheel drive chassis is exceptionally balanced for superior handling. The body was well controlled on track as the suspension wasn’t overly firm thus providing the driver with a quiet ride and there was minimal body roll.

Once the electronic aids are completely turned off is when the real fun begins, the rear-diff transitions into oversteer which allows the rear wheels to break traction and the slide can be easily controlled with that fast steering rack.

The final MSRP hasn’t been released yet and until Alfa Romeo does, we’ll have plenty of ride reviews to look forward to.
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