20" Signature SV107 with Falken Azenis FK 510 tires. Specs are:

20x9 et 31 Front
20x10.5 et 39 Rear

245/30/20 Front Tire
295/25/20 Rear Tire

No rubbing. Have one spare rear tire I can include. Wheels do have TPMS but they are not activated (something the manufacturer didn't tell me prior to install). So the next time tires are swapped have the shop activate the sensors and you're good to go.

One rear wheel has a very minor bend #ThanksOhio. Can't see it and it balances out. Found it on a laser balancer and balanced out with minimal weight.

$2,000 obo + trade for OEM wheels/tires. Don't care if they're 5 hole or Tecnico.

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Front Tread:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Synthetic rubber

Rear Tread:
Tire Wheel Hand Automotive tire Hood