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So while I'm waiting for the aftermarket scene to develop for the Giulia platform I decided to create a project in my spare time.

1/10 Scale Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Radio Controlled Car ->
Raspberry PI 3
AT&T IoT Cellular Modem ->
+additional sensors to come

Some background on me:
By trade, I work for a major cloud computing company working in the Iot space and connected vehicles.
I have no prior experience building scale models or any involvement in the R/C scene.

This project was kicked off based on some initiatives I'm doing at work, but I decided to dial it up a bit to have a little fun along the way while I learn and might as well use a cool form factor like the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

This thread should document the progress and I'll share as much as a I can regarding the IoT bit to this. MQTT is obviously the protocol of choice. (I won't mention what MQTT Broker I'm using though)

Mods feel free to move this thread if this sub-forum isn't the right place.

Also to give you an idea of what I'm embarking on for the build. Stay tuned.


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Fun! Used to race the Team Losi as a kid... love this stuff :D Strap a GoPro to it and go for a ride!
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