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v2 intake
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  1. Alfa Romeo Giulia
    Is anyone running the EC tune, intake and bov from turbosmart without any issues. Well I like the sound of the bov to atmosphere but I keep getting codes. But I didn’t get codes when I was tuned without the intake. After intake install I got a code. So I went back to oem diverter. Has anyone...
  2. Intake
    This is a near new intake that was only on the car for a few hundred miles before I moved on to a QV and gave my wife the 2.0. BEWARE when buying any used EC intake without their updated check engine light fix. If you don't have this new updated part, your intake will occasionally throw a check...
  3. Intake
    am selling my Eurocompulsion V2 intake , for $160 off the retail price. $349 (retail $459) in great condition, color red. Been used for less than one year. For 2.0 engine. I am only selling because my lease is almost up. I have really enjoyed this product.Retail price is $459... so i am asking...
1-3 of 3 Results