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  1. Wheel And Tires
    These are the coolest center caps I have ever seen. Does anyone know where to get them or if you can get them? Can’t find them anywhere….
  2. Wheel And Tires
    Hello World, Noob here, got my first Alfa and love it, I’ll make a proper introduction post in the appropriate thread at some point, but to stay on topic here’s my scenario… Got a used 2019 Giulia Ti Sport Q2 that had 15,137 miles on the odo (1 owner, clean Title and good service records)...
  3. Wheel And Tires
    I currently have OEM 17” on. Will 19x8.5 square set up fit my car?
  4. Wheel And Tires
    My OEM measures 225/40 R19 square setup. I have found info about Staggered setup with rear wheels set to 255/35 R19 and my question is can I use this size as a square setup? Meaning - Can I install 255/35 R19 on the OEM 19 inch dark 5 hole wheels without installing any spacers? Would that cause...
  5. Wheels / Tires
    2 19x9 Dark 5-holes (Rear rims for a staggered Giulia 2.0 RWD) Rims are in top notch shape Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires 255/35R19 Lots of life left on the treads 2 19x10 Dark 5-holes (Rear rims from a QV) Rims have just a few rock chips and flaws, otherwise in great shape (see pictures)...
    $1,800 USD
  6. Wheel And Tires
    Considering these wheels as my winter set. I already have the tires (was a gift) in the OEM size so I’m trying to match the oem spec tires with aftermarket wheels. Any feedback on fitment issues/ thoughts on the brand? It’s for my QV. Thanks!
  7. Wheels / Tires
    Hey all - Decided to make this a separate posting. I have two 19x8" OEM dark hole wheels. They're a little beat up with some paint flaking and a little bit of curb damage but can be easily fixed especially if you have a wheel and tire package. They'll come with TPMS and center caps. I also am...
    $900 USD
  8. Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti
    I'm excited to say I'm letting my son be the first to put my Giulia on the track. Its his 24th birthday on the 19th of May and I have him signed up. Questions I have for you seasoned drivers: 1. Should I let him were out my original Pirellis (1 year old) or get a cheap set of tires for the...
  9. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Decided to bite the bullet and sell my spare P Zeros. I have a set of takeoff tires with under 200 miles on them for sale. I picked them up as a spare set but never used them; and with my tire insurance, and luck (or bad luck) with potholes, haven't needed them. I don't want them to go to...
  10. Wheels / Tires
    OEM Rims with Continental DWS06 tires. They were my 2nd set of rims and I just sold my QV so I don't need them anymore :') Tires have about 4k very lightly driven miles on them and wheels have 0 damage. Kept in a garage over the summers. Let me know if you have any questions! Wheels were about...
  11. Mid-Atlantic Giulia Club (NY, NJ, PA, WV, MD, DE,
    Okay. I know this is an old topic. I got sick of the run-flats and their crappy performance. Replaced them with Michelin A4s. Now, because I live in the pothole capital of the world, I have a cracked wheel. I called Alloy Wheel Repair (Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Northwest New Jersey) and...
  12. Wheel And Tires
    I’ve got to replace my rubber, I don’t mind the P Zero Corsas, but I want to give something else a try… I’d like a bit better rear grip, so I’ve been assuming wider on the rear, and wider on the front as well just to keep them evenly offset? I’ll be honest though, im On the stock rims CAN you...
  13. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    So I purchased a brand new P Zero Corsa for my QV in case of a flat and now and changed my mind, I’m gonna replace my tires with the Michelin SS and now don’t have use for this tire anyone. It’s brand new and never been installed. I’m from the GTHA are in Ontario if anyone wants the tire. I’ve...
  14. All Wheel Drive
    I just purchased a 2017 Alfa TI AWD with sport and performance packages. Can I please get advice on replacing the original run-flats? My priorities in order are: Performance Looks Reliability
  15. Giulia Classifieds
    Like new, for 2017 Giulia, less than 3k miles. Four tires: Two 225/45 R19 92W Two 225/40 R10 89Y Summer tires. New ones currently listed at $380 and $351/each, respectively. Local pick-up only, in eastern/central Massachusetts.
  16. 20200829_144253.jpg

    Little details. 4 hours all 4 tires. Alot of maintenance. Lol
  17. All Wheel Drive
    Hello! I am a new Alfa Romeo Giulia owner, I got my vehicle with Pirelli P0's equipped from factory which I am letting go SIZES: FRONT: 225/40 R19 REAR: 255/35 R19 Reach out if interested:) Anthony
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hello! This is my first Alfa Romeo vehicle experience, as well as my first time joining any type of forum! Hope to learn from the community and maybe get some help/advice when needed. Sidenote, if anyone is looking to purchase a brand new set of staggered Pirelli P-Zeros: 225/40 R19(front) &...
  19. Wheel And Tires
    I have 2019 Q4 with staggered wheels. Since there are no good track tire options in OEM size, I'm going to use 10mm wider sizes and get Cup2. So it's 235 front, 265 rear. The question is if I want to slightly increase or decrease total wheel size. Has anyone tried going with 235/35r19 front and...
  20. Wheels / Tires
    Selling the winter setup from my Giulia QV since the car just went to a new home. These were lightly used for 2 winters (less than 5000 miles total) Tires have lots of tread left. Wheel condition: 2 are perfect, 1 has a very small mark, 1 has three areas with larger marks. $2,200 for all...
1-20 of 31 Results