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  1. Accessories
    For sale here is a as new never used Alfa complete tire inflator kit, never used and complete even with untouched Alfa gloves! Asking $275.
    $175 USD
  2. Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti
    to be clear.. I’m able to move from 225/40 to 235/40? I’m literally confused 😂 tire websites site r saying the product (235, 245) doesn’t fit vehicle. I have ‘18 ti sport.. HELP? Some even say my back tire should be bigger than the front.
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    I just saw a post about someone looking to cover it in cf, but that got me wondering if anyone has removed theirs? I know it's a US government mandate, so I'm not sure if all giulias have it, but thought I'd ask I'm referring to this which I took from the other thread showing it covered in cf
  4. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    What do you guys think is too old for the p zero Corsa tires? After seeing some recent posts on the forum talking about tire age, I decided to check mine today and turns out one is my fronts is a mid 2018 tire. The others are one 19 and two 20s. The car seems fine when I drive; I've never...
  5. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    It's NYC and the temp is colder than usual, 50s when it was 80s all week, and it's raining hard, first time in over a week. PSI was normal as I drove tonight to a restaurant and then parked by it. The only places to park were by a big puddle. My front passenger tire sat in a big puddle for...
  6. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    So I purchased a brand new P Zero Corsa for my QV in case of a flat and now and changed my mind, I’m gonna replace my tires with the Michelin SS and now don’t have use for this tire anyone. It’s brand new and never been installed. I’m from the GTHA are in Ontario if anyone wants the tire. I’ve...
  7. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Hi, first post here, but have had my TI Sport Q2 for a couple years. Currently looking at tire replacement options. I was curious about the type of experience others have had with different brands. I have the staggered set-up on the wheels (225 40R19 in the front and 255 35R19 in the back), and...
1-7 of 7 Results